Google Chat is Replacing Hangouts – What Does That Mean?

When it comes to communicating with others, most people want to have all the tools they need to do so easily. Whether you’re in a meeting, at a party, or at home with your family, you want to be able to use the right chat app for the job. One of the most popular choices is the chat app most people have been using for years, Google Hangouts. While the concept of chat is fascinating, many users have been clamoring for a better option, and Google is listening.

For some time now, Google Hangouts has been a primary way of sending messages to friends and family. So much so that it’s been the only supported method of video calling since the advent of the Duo messaging app.

A longtime Google product, Instant messaging has been growing in popularity as an alternative to SMS. With this in mind, Google has decided to replace Google Hangouts with Chat as the default chat client inside of Android Messages, Google’s mobile messaging app. Chat is a fast, simple messaging app that works across all platforms and has been designed with simplicity in mind.

From Hangouts to Chat – Google, what does that Mean?

In June, Google announced that they are releasing a new chat service called Chat, which replaces the current Hangouts in the first half of 2021. The new service will be a lot faster and more reliable. Chat is going to be a nice way to communicate with your friends and family, especially when you are online.

So, what does that mean?

Well, it means that Google is moving away from Hangouts as a chat app and wants to focus on making Google Chat even more useful. Hangouts are still around, but it is changing its name to Google Chat, and many features from Hangouts are being moved to Google Chat. While this may prompt some people into changing to a dedicated application for their business needs (like, for instance), for others this should make things more streamlined.

During a keynote at I/O, Google announced that Google Hangouts, its video calling app, will eventually be replaced by a new app called Chat. Chat will be used for text and voice messaging and will also sync your conversations with other Chat users across Android, iOS, and the web. Google also said that Hangouts will continue to be available as a standalone app and will be updated frequently.

Knowing More About Google Chat

If you don’t already know, Google chat is a messaging service that runs inside of your Gmail, Google Drive, or Google Allo accounts. Now, this has been around for a long time – but it’s been hidden inside of the app for so long that most people don’t even know it’s there. Google recently announced that they are going to be removing it from those apps and merging it with Hangouts, their video chat app that has been around for years.

Google Chat is currently in the process of a major facelift, and the company has announced a replacement for the Hangouts group chat service, called Chat. Unlike Hangouts and Google+ Messenger, which are based on Web technologies, Chat is built from the ground up for smartphones and tablets.

Chat allows you to chat with people who are close to you and make video calls to people all around the world. Chat is also an app that uses something called a “Chrome Extension.” What is that you may ask? A Chrome extension is not a tool for online shoppers. It is a program that is a part of Chrome, an app that is on your computer. Chrome is a web browser, so Chrome extensions are the extensions that are used to make your browser better. Chat is an app that allows you to communicate with the people who are important to you, and it also allows you to make video calls to people all around the world.


While we’ll certainly miss the fact that Hangouts is Google’s own chat app (it’s arguably the best video chat app available), we’re happy to see that Google also intends to continue supporting Hangouts on Hangouts. Hangouts have remained the default chat client for Google Talk for years, and while it lacked some of the features built-in to Hangouts (like integration with Google’s other products), it’s the best chat app available for Android. With Google Chat, we hope to see the same level of support for Google Talk.

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