About Me

Welcome to my blog made up of the three things I feel the most passionate about cars, DIY, and technology. Since I was a little boy I was a huge car enthusiast, my dad and grandpa would take me down to the racing track and let me watch the cars go around and around. In truth, I always wanted to be a racecar driver (because didn’t everyone) but my path took me down the route of a computer analyst, which I thoroughly enjoy but I would have loved to get in that car and raced around the track. 

I am now in my mid-40s and have 2 little girls which I had with my beautiful wife. I think my youngest daughter Lucie is going to be a big car fan like me, she’s always watching F1 with me and wanting me to buy her car toys. I really hope she stays interested because I would love to take her down the race track like I used to do. 

About Texas HW Collectors

The name of the blog was created because I’m from Texas, my name is Hector Walentino and I am an avid collector, whether it is cars or stamps I find it fascinating what you can find. This blog is focused on various topics and I hope that it connects with someone else so that I can find a community of people with the same interests as me, this doesn’t often happen in a female-dominated household as I have, let’s just say the ladies always win! 

If you would like me to talk about anything in particular then jump over to my contact page it would be great to hear from different people about the content on my blog, I would really like to make as many connections I can with people in the blogging community.